3.2.8 Wayne Shorter

In this chapter, Clark explores the string writing and notation in Wayne Shorter’s music from the Emanon album, which he hopes will give people the authority and liberty to change articulation and bowings to make things sound better.

Excerpts explored in the above video:

Figure 33: Wayne Shorter – Pegasus, Measure 1-6 (Violin Excerpt)

Figure 34: Wayne Shorter – Pegasus, Measure 49-53 (Violin Excerpt)

Figure 35: Wayne Shorter – Pegasus, Measure 82-86 (Violin Excerpt)

Figure 36: Wayne Shorter – Lotus, Measure 89-94 (Violin Excerpt)

Key Points

  • Understand how different bowings and strokes may affect the sound of the music.
  • Understand how adding slurs can make a huge difference, especially with finding the right inflection to make the phrase sound better.
  • An important thing to remember is that a conductor should meet up with the leader beforehand to decide on bowings and phrasings before the first rehearsal
  • Understand how we interpret the way articulations are written as well as the limitations of written notation.
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