Career Paths

Is your ambition to conquer the world stage as a conductor? Or are you perhaps more excited by the thought of working with children or youth in schools or universities, or with amateurs?

In this section of the Careers Office, we will dive into both the professional music world and the non-professional music sector. You will learn about how professional institutions are organised and how to approach the music industry as a starting conductor with few connections. For any conductor aspiring to “make it” in the industry today, conducting music is only a part of the job. We will examine pathways to professionalism and offer insight into how agencies, managers, artist profiling and your entrepreneurial skills may play a part on the road to success. 

The non-professional music sector ranges from amateur and youth orchestras to brass bands, wind bands and choirs, and much more. Working in this sector is not all that different from working with professional musicians, perhaps except for the amount of teaching and instructing that is required in groups with young musicians and amateurs. In non-professional organisations, you may also to a larger degree be expected to participate in social activities and other events. Whilst your job is primarily to conduct, you will certainly be met with challenges outside of the rehearsal room! Make sure you read this chapter if you are interested in learning more about the differences between the professional music world and the non-professional music sector.

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