Interviews with Professionals

When you have completed your studies, you will hopefully begin to build a varied artistic portfolio and have the opportunity to work on major artistic projects in both a national and international music community. Your fellow students, instructors, teachers and mentors will be important allies on your conducting journey. 

In this section of the Careers Office, there are a number of interviews and lectures with leading industry professionals that cover a range of topics. Their common aim is to pass on knowledge and experience and give you valuable insight into how one may tackle different challenges in various work situations.

Please note that some of the interviews were filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic and that social restrictions have affected the quality of the interviews. Biographies have been extracted from the interviewees’ official agencies and personal web pages as of August 2021. The views and opinions of the interviewees are personal and the ConductIT team does not endorse any particular opinion.

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